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Transportation, fun, and exercise are some of the things Beach Cruiser Bikes are able to provide you. But the extent of fun you may experience from the bike will totally depend on what bike you get. On this account, you should pay careful attention in choosing a bike which provides perfect and suitable performance you may want from a bike. Our beach cruisers have been the most famous bike available on the market, which can bring so much joys and fun to you.

Our bikes are also extremely well known in the world of vacationers and casual bikers since they are very durable and stable. In order to assist you in getting the most suitable bike, our teams have conducted extensive researches and make a list of 10 Best Beach Cruiser Bikes 2019 Reviews so that you can buy the bike you want.

5 best beach cruiser bikes for men

1. Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Among the competition of the best beach cruiser bicycles, the Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle is an outstanding competitor. This bicycle possesses all key features of the best cruiser bike for man and certainly, it will be a great companion with you for a long period. The Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle offers a one-speed, which is ideal for the casual ridings, another 3-speed, which is great for climbing hills and long rides, and a 7-speed, which uses the highest quality system of gear shifting from Shimano interior, for helping you enjoy the higher intensity of riding as well as allow you to go for further distance than ever.

The 1-speed and 3-speed models also offer coaster brakes. In addition, the curvy, classic steel frame is made of 26-inch or 24-inch aluminum wheels that include whitewall tires, of which tires is 2.125 inches, for smooth and easy roll and easy cushioning the bumps freely when riding over them. This bike is certainly worth considering before thinking of other cruiser bicycles.

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  • Cruises on various geographical terrains.
  • Accommodates cyclists with various heights thanks to the adjustable seat height.
  • Dual springs for comfortable and soft rides.
  • Oversized and wide seat for more comfort.
  • Affordable cruiser bicycles.
  • High-quality design from the Firmstrong


  • The gear system is quite noisy.
  • Unstable bike’s chain.

2. Sixthreezero Men’s In the Barrel 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

With the motivation of taking the rider from a certain place to another place, the bicycles were created. Nevertheless, the Sixthreezero Men’s In the Barrel 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle is a wonderful model, which offers the riders more than a simple commuting experience. With the intention to make sure the riders can fall in love with cruising on their bikes, the creative designers succeed in creating this new model. The manufacturer has intended to offer the riders much more ease, artistic and comfort of riding on their cruiser bikes.

The Sixthreezero Men’s In the Barrel 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle offers twin-springs saddles, which makes it spongy and springy when riding on the rugged roads. This bicycles also includes balloon tires that helps the rolling easier as well as wider saddles, which help distribute the rider’s weight evenly and make it much easier to cycle. This bike comes with a 3-speed system of gear shifting from the well-known Shimano, which is among the easiest systems of gears to operate and use.

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  • Easy assemble (only takes about thirty minutes to put everything together).
  • Riding on this modified cruiser bicycle is both fun and easy.
  • Affordable cruiser bike.
  • Durable thanks to its perfect interior gear system as well as its high-quality coaster brakes that apply superior parts, which helps lower the maintenance cost.
  • Stylish, trendy and manly look.


  • Due to its specific design for mature men, whose height between 5.4” and 6.5”, therefore, this cruiser bicycle may not favor short people or kids.

3. Firmstrong Beach Chief Man 26-Inch Cruiser Bicycle

A suitable cruiser for those who like much more arm and leg extension, the Firmstrong 26-inch Chief Man cruiser bike has an elongated frame accompanying with a forward pedaling outlook which let riders keep the seat much closer to the ground and still having much leg extension – particularly suitable for taller riders.

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The 21.5-inch extended steel frame with a high, circular arching top tube has been built of the best steel, whereas the 26-inch aluminum wheels accompanying with 2.125-inch tires roll easy and smooth along with cushion the bumps when you are riding through freely. The three-and one-speed versions have been added with coaster brakes when seven-speed provides rear and front hand brakes conducted through levers located on its handlebars.

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  • High quality
  • Affordable and durable
  • Perfect for taller people
  • Balloon tires which offer cushioned ride.
  • Forward pedaling appearance that keeps seat close to grounds
  • Nice bike shifts
  • Tube is simple to change!
  • Solid and attractive


  • Simple to assemble apart from pedals.
  • Sometimes make clicking noises

4. Huffy Bicycles Modern 26765 Men’s Sportsman 700C Cruiser Bicycle

This bike comes with excellent features which make the bike noticeable amongst other normal bikes. First of all, the bike has the high ten steel frame which cannot be bent under pressure. It also has the well-padded spring seat with light allows rims which help you ride easily. Another bonus point of this bike is the ultra-comfortable dual density grips to increase control as well as ergonomic pedal.

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  • Well-seated and wide seat.
  • Swift cruises because of wide wheels.
  • Elegant and simple.
  • Safety handle bars


  • Noisy brake
  • Sticky grips on bike’s handle

5. Men’s Deluxe Bike

This bike is suitable for those who are seeking an affordable bike which has excellent features, making riding so much enjoyable. The bike also has a strong frame which has been designed with a rear rack making sure you can ride comfortably. A comfort package is also added together with padded spring seat which is accented with ultra-dual density grips and embroidery allowing you to have full control. Ergonomic pedals are also included to make sure your trip is fun and comfortable.

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  • Using strong materials with great quality
  • Comfortable seat
  • Eye-catching Design
  • Good handles
  • Easy to assemble


Some details seemed dinged up

5 best beach cruiser bikes for women

1. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bike

This lovely bicycle is specifically designed to offer a harmonious blend of functionality and style, which not only serves transportations but offers a wonderful riding experience as well. This model is a no-frills bicycle, which is primarily designed in a cruiser form. It is suitable for trails, side streets, boardwalks, and smooth paths. The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle offers 3-speed style along with various options of 13 colors. The bike’s seat is double-coil-spring for soft and smooth rides. Its tires’ width is 2.125 inches, thus, easily absorbing small jolts and bumps as riding on the roads. The total cost of this lovely bike is 257.96 USD.

With various multiple color options and numerous style options from 1-spped to 3-speed, the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle provides all key features, which are required when affording comfort, therefore, you can use this cruiser bicycle for recreational cycling and daily commuting as well.


  • Suitable for women, whose height between 5 and 6 feet.
  • Wide handlebars along with the foam grip.
  • An oversized and wide seat along with the dual-coil springs for more comfort, especially for large women.
  • Its coaster brakes are very easy to use.
  • White-walled and fitted balloon tires to offer a more comfortable ride.
  • Classic curvy cruiser bicycle design along with the aluminum wheels and durable steel frame of 15.54 inches.


  • Some of the tools, which are needed to assemble the bike aren’t included in its package.

2. Sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bike

This model is also specifically designed as a beach cruiser bike and harmoniously blends functionality along with its style. The Sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle offers 16 inches frame and 26 inches wheels, which make the bike very suitable for women, whose height between 5 and 6 feet. Its balloon tires have the capacity to absorb unexpected shocks as well as offer a stylish and retro design that look quite pleasant to your eye. The handlebars’ grips are stitched; besides, the bike’s rims are accented with vibrant colors to add a unique style.

The Sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle includes the smooth configuration from Sixthreezero, which provides the comfort and ease of riding, even when engaging in your recreational purposes or cycling to work. This cruiser bicycle offers 2-speed styles, consisting of 3-speed and 1-speed, as well as features 9 options of colors. Its total cost is about 285.00 USD.


  • An effective system of braking with the fitted coaster brakes without undermining the bicycle’s appearance.
  • Its construction of steel frame helps enhance the durability and strength.
  • The fitted handlebars with 28.5 inches chrome plate help to keep the rider’s upper body comfortable and relaxed.
  • Adjustable handlebars for meeting various requirements.
  • The bike’s frame is specifically designed for the upright riding with soft grips and seat.
  • The smooth configuration of Sixthreezero helps the bike appropriate for every type of roads.
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  • The bike’s instruction included in the package is not clear. Its guide explains neither the hardware’s function nor the way to assemble it.

3. 26″ Huffy Nel-Lusso Women’s Bike

When you plan to go many places and do many things, the 26″ Huffy Nel-Lusso Cruiser Bike for women is your fit when commuting. This Nel-Lusso Huffy bike has one front basket that you can bring a few small things with you. In case you want to bring a little more, then our rear rack is simple to equip to have more space for storage. For example, it can keep a bottle of water by equipping the beverage holder on its handlebar.

This special cruiser bike is designed with classic fenders to enhance wheel protection, and also more comfort with padded spring saddle as well as pedals and dual-density grips. With the style of vintage boardwalk and convenient coaster break, this single-speed gloss blue 26″ Huffy Nel-Lusso s Cruiser Bike for women is certainly a commuting choice and satisfy your needs.


  • Durable steel frame
  • Convenient beverage holder can be used anytime on its handlebar
  • Handy coaster brake offer excellent performance
  • Lightweight: 20 lbs, suitable for women
  • Huffy seat offers comfort when you ride
  • Durable tires which can endure mileage.


  • Nearly 50 Lbs. when shipping
  • Not suitable for riders with height lower than 5’ 2”

4. Huffy Women’s Deluxe Cruiser Bike

This bike has been introduced in a coral radiance appearance that gives a very brighter look and attracts heads in places you go. Finishing checking reviews of this bike, we realized that most of the users were very satisfied with the affordability and performance.

You may fall in love with this bike when joining in activities in beaches and town since this bike is very lightweight and easy to ride. It can give you the most satisfying and comfortable ride when the large saddle has been added as soft grips. Besides, this bike is also designed with Classic cruiser accompanying with spring seat with embroidery and piping and integrated rear rack.


  • High quality
  • Durable
  • A comfortable and well-padded seat
  • Simple to assemble


  • Low-quality wheel
  • Heavy and contain no gears which you can exercise

5. Fito Women’s Brisa Aluminum Alloy 1-Speed 26-Inch Wheel Beach Cruiser Bike, Burgundy

If you want a bike that has an attractive design with striking color, then this model fo bike is a perfect fit. The bike has aluminum allow frame which makes it very light and easy to ride. Because this bike is very light so you do not need to use much energy to push pedaling, all of which make this bike very suitable for long distance trip. The bike also has an ergonomic handlebar which is coated with rubber in order to enhance grip. Another bonus point is the crank forward extended cruiser frame and the large spring saddle.


  • Eye catching and high-quality beach cruiser
  • Strong Aluminum alloy frame
  • Oversize/extra padded saddle and leather grips offer comfort.
  • Lightweight and convenient to ride


  • Heavy
  • Hard to assemble

How to choose a beach cruiser bike?

Best Beach Cruiser Bikes

The design

The beach cruiser bikes are always highlighted with their unique designs. Generally, they are known for their stylish look and comfortable ride. Nevertheless, you still need to find an appropriate one for yourself. We cannot stress the important of your bike’s appearance. Anyway, the more attractive and beautiful your bike looks, the more you love it and ride on it.

The quality

Unlike road bicycles and mountain bicycles, the performance of beach cruisers doesn’t rely on the material of the frame. If you handle properly, a handbuilt stainless steel frame may last for many decades. Besides, an aluminum frame can reduce the weight of your bike a lot. In case you live in a space with a flat landscape, you may save your money by choosing a beach cruiser bike with stainless steel frame.

The comfort

There must be some reasons that a person can enhance his / her riding to a new level. For example, the higher handlebars and a wider or oversized seat let the rider enjoy the ride better. Without any neck pain or back pain, your muscles can relax. In case your cruise bicycle does not possess those features, then it is a bad one.

The price

Before getting the credit card and inputting the personal information, you should carefully consider again. Will your investment be worth your while? If not, then, we suggest your opting for an entry-level of beach cruiser bike. You need to get some certain experience of which a beach cruiser bicycle offers and you will not spare any little fortune for the item that you are not intending to use. Nevertheless, in case you are upgrading, you will know that picking for a high-quality beach cruiser bicycle is such a reliable and safe investment.

What does all the beach cruiser bicycles share in common?

The frames:

Generally, the frames of beach cruiser bikes are made of steel, therefore, they are much heavier than other kinds of bicycles. This, in fact, helps them less jiggle and, therefore, more stable as well as easier to control. As the popularity of these bikes grows, some new models are constructed with aluminum frames, which are much lighter. This still does not matter much because you commonly do not use your beach cruiser bicycle for a long distance ride.

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The cruiser bicycles aren’t designed for competing or climbing in races. However, they are designed to make it easy to travel on flat terrains, as well as to make an easy effort when riding through dirt and gravel trails.

The tires:

Generally, the tires of beach cruiser bikes are usually referred as balloon tires or extra wide tires. It is the truth! That does not mean that they are the puncture magnets. The balloon tires, in fact, are much thicker than other bike’s tires, thus, they are less probable to be flat. Those tires also offer you a much more stable and easeful ride, especially on sidewalks and boardwalks.

And in case you have ever dreamed about riding a bicycle on a true beach without compromising the axle, then the cruiser bike is excel at this. You just need to ensure that the sand beach is firm enough. Anyway, the cruiser bicycles are still bicycles and still governed by physics’ laws.

The Pedals and handlebars:

The beach cruiser bicycles feature the swept-back pedals and handlebars set are a bit further frontward than other common bicycles. Those are the most determined factors in the common upright position linked with the cruiser bikes. They do not put any pressure on your own back, as well as encourage a much more chilled out and relaxed experience as riding along the lovely streets with a cup of cappuccino in your hand.

The gears:

A traditional beach cruiser bicycle does not include the gears, of course, because you are supposed to use it on flat terrains in such a relaxing manner. Actually, I prefer the single gear bicycles. They are both easy and simple when using. It is amazing if you can aware of the riding sense while you are not repeatedly switching as well as doing 36 personal gears.

This is the reason why the manufacturers, who design and make the beach cruiser bicycles have begun to understand the fact that another part of this world, do not live on the beach.

Therefore, nowadays, it has become much more typical to look for a beach cruiser bicycle with three or even seven gears that help it more suitable for riding longer distances. It makes it much easier to cycle up the hills with style instead of walking your bicycle up the hills in such a fashionable manner.

The brakes:

The beach cruiser bicycles commonly have the coaster brakes. Rather than pulling on your brakes with the bare hands, you just need to repel the pedals if you want to stop your bicycle. In case you have never used that kind of brake, you should not be panic because they are very easy and simple to use. On the other hand, if you used to use that kind of brakes, you must know it is very easy to do those most thrilling brake skids around the world.

The saddles:

When I get older, I think about my dear butt while riding on my bicycle. I always love riding in comfort. Luckily, the beach cruiser bicycles will commonly possess wide saddles with the springs. Unlike the road bicycles, those saddles are considered as a lazy-boy armchair of the riding world and will certainly smooth all even the worst jolts on the routes.

Are there any differences between the beach cruiser bikes for men and women?

Of course, and maybe no.

The designers of those cruiser bicycles have a tendency to customize different styles of cruiser bikes for women and men with a better and smarter appearance.

Generally, the sole difference between these styles is the aesthetics. The cruiser bicycles for women usually have a different bend in their upper frames, and slimmer tubing.

Anyway, whether you are a girl or a boy, and you love the feel and the look of a bicycle built for both genders, then, do not hesitate, just get out and buy it!

Wrap up

Beach cruisers are very popular. They are not designed to be raced down mountains, win races or speed through the traffic. Our beach cruisers can offer comfort and elegance, especially living your life at another walk of life. The outlook is cool and they are usually cheaper than any other similar bike on the market.

So whatever bike you get, just be sure that it is the one that you like best and speaks for you. We hope our best beach cruiser bikes review can help you somehow to choose the best and most suitable bike. Life is very short; therefore try to live it to the fullest.

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