26″ Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike Review

26″ Huffy NelLusso Women’s Cruiser Bike is the best city bicycle for any type of women. Whether you need a transportation vehicle to take you to your work or you like to spend your evenings riding across the countryside, this bike will surely be a great asset for you.

At first look, this bicycle looks really sturdy and safe, which is the number one concern for most of us. Other than that, it has a convenient basket and a rear holder for easier grocery or any other kind of luggage, transport.


Features of 26″ Huffy NelLusso Women’s Cruiser Bike

26″ Huffy NelLusso Women’s Cruiser Bike is made out of steel, which makes it durable, but still keeps weight under control. The overall look is leaning more towards cruiser bicycle for a ride to the beach and for casual rides. We must say that it definitely looks and feels like a true ladies bicycle.

  • Wheels – Tires are 26 inches which are a cruiser type tires. Additionally, the rims are made from a specially made alloy to give extra protection against any type of weather. These tires are extremely durable, and will endure great amounts of mileage.
  • Design – The frame of the bicycle is a piece of art. It is made to give great amounts of comfort, which comes in handy when on a longer ride. The strain on the rider’s body is almost unnoticeable. The seat and handles are placed perfectly, to allow easier control over the bicycle.
  • Classic fenders – Fenders are also made out of steel, just like the frame and their ultimate role is to keep the rider dry and clean. Since this bicycle can be used under any weather conditions, this really is a great addition to overall design.
  • Huffy seat – The seat is made from extremely soft foam that’s ergonomically shaped. It provides with great amounts of comfort while riding. Additionally, the seat is covered with fine leather which will protect the foam from getting wet. Another great feature that is combined with the seat aresteel springs. They are really well made, and will absorb any type of shock that might happen during the ride. Additionally, this only amplifies the level of comfort this bicycle has to offer.
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Advantages of 26″ Huffy NelLusso Women’s Cruiser Bike

This bicycle has many advantages in comparison to other models. Here, we will mention the most notable advantages, which are the first thing customers would like to have on their new bicycle.

  • Front basket – The majority of women usually like to have a front basket. Usually, the basket is used for grocery transportation or to transport handbags, but still have them in sight. We all know how much ladies like their handbags. Right!? But, jokes aside, to save you additional expenses, Huffy installed the front basket as a regular addition to this bicycle. It is already installed, so you don’t need to waste your time doing it yourself.
  • Cup holder – We are all well aware that most of the sports bicycles have a special place on the frame for water bottles. But, what makes this cup holder so special is the fact that you can easily access to your beverage. The cup holder is on the handle bar and you can reach it by simply stopping and taking you hand off the handle for a split second. It really is an unusual thing but works like a charm. It is made from a really durable material, which is corrosion resistant, so don’t worry if you spill some water on it.
  • Lightweight – We know we mentioned this before, but we definitely wanted to draw your attention to this bicycle’s weight. The overall weight of this bicycle is around 20 lbs, which is really great since it’s meant for ladies. Additionally, the fact that this bicycle is lightweight only tells us how easy it is to control and maneuver it through thick traffic and unpleasant terrain.

Bottom line

In our honest opinion, this bicycle is a must have. It is a well-known fact that traffic can be a pain in the neck these days, and it usually takes you less time to walk to work than to go by car. The bicycle is the perfect middle.

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You can get to your location faster, you can easily avoid traffic jams, and additionally, it’s healthier and your body will appreciate it. So, grab one of these perfect bicycles and start investing in your health.

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