Schwinn Discover 700c Womens Hybrid Bicycle Review

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike is the best combination of the on and off-road bicycles. Even though, it stands out with the unusual frame for the hybrid bicycle specially designed for the ladies (it looks more like sports bicycle), its main purpose does not change, and that is to make any type of ride most comfortable, enjoyable and full of wonderful experiences.

So, if you like to ride across the rough terrain and like to experience nature to its fullest then this bicycle will definitely be the best choice for you.

Features of Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

The features of this hybrid bicycle are quite unique. As we said before, even though this is a bicycle specially designed for women, to be the cruiser and off-road bicycle, the overall design resembles the sports bicycle. On the good side, this definitely gives us a whole new point of view when we talk about the hybrid bicycles.

  • Frame – The frame is the stepping stone in making this bicycle most comfortable and at the same time the most durable hybrid on the market. We all know Schwinn is quite vocal with their idea of safety, style, comfort and durability all in one and with this model is no exception. The frame is made from the high-quality aluminum mixture to make this bicycle long lasting but still light enough for the easier control. Additionally, the frame is ergonomically built which allows you to go on longer rides and to be sure the bicycle won’t put too much strain on your body.
  • Classic Fenders – Fenders are really important part of any bicycle because they protect the rider from dirt, water, and any additional road debris. The difference between a good and the best fender is in their placement and material. At Schwinn, they are well aware of that fact, so they made sure to have the best fenders on all their models. Same goes with this one. Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike has a pair of fenders, one on the back and one on the front wheel. They are both sturdy and can endure any type of weather. They will keep the rider dry and safe under any circumstances, which is definitely something you must have if you want to be the best.
  • Wheels – The wheels on this hybrid bicycle carry the same trait as the frame. Unconventional for the women type of bicycle, the tires are a bit larger. Unlike the usual 26 inches, these tires are 28 inches big which, in this case, is a really good thing. It will enable you to cover more ground when on the longer rides, which is definitely something we love. The rims are made from the same, high-quality aluminum mixture like the frame, just to ensure the focus stays on the comfort and durability.
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Advantages of Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

Unlike other hybrid bicycles, this one has a long list of outstanding and unique qualities. Some of them can only be experienced when you buy this bicycle, but most of them can be seen at the first sight. In the next few minutes, we will mention the most notable advantages that are really important when deciding to buy this product.

  • 21-speed mechanism – Everybody knows how important speed mechanism can be. It enables the rider to adjust its riding tempo depending on the road ahead. Mostly, the mechanism gives the option to cross long distances with ease, especially if you tend to go on a mountain rides. Those uphill and downhill roads can take a toll on your body if you don’t have a vast range of speeds at your disposal. Fortunately, this bicycle offers 21 speeds, which is really a good thing.
  • Comfortable seat – The most important part of the bicycle is the seat. If it’s too hard or too soft it can ruin your journey, and additionally, it can damage your posture. At Schwinn, they are well aware of that so they made an exceptionally good and ergonomic seat with springs for additional shock absorption. Overall, the inside padding is quite durable and nicely adapts to the rider, and the exterior is covered with the specially designed leather material that will make every ride the most comfortable one.
  • Affordable – When you look at the bicycle you might think that it will cost you a small fortune to own it, but calm down. This hybrid bicycle is more than affordable and is made to fit into anyone’s budget.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a great bicycle, that will help you experience nature and still help you get to work on time, then Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike is all you need. Affordable and durable, this bicycle will be by you for many years to come. We think that this bicycle has the best price-to-service ratio when looking at hybrid bicycles.

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